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The following is a list of forthcoming and past public events. We also provide in-company events - either online or face-to-face. Contact us to discuss your requirements

Forthcoming Events

KPI Institute courses
Two 2-day Strategy Dynamics courses
Dubai (12-13 Feb 2017)
Kuala-Lumpur (15-16 Feb)
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SYDIC-BSLAB Workshop in Rome
Keynote talk by Kim Warren
24 Jan 2017
2nd Asia-Pacific System Dynamics Conference, Singapore
Kim is giving a keynote talk on modeling business strategy
19-20 Feb 2017
1-day Strategy Dynamics course, Singapore
Directly after the Asia-Pacific System Dynamics Conference
23 Feb 2017
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Recent Events

"Living Business Models for Strategic and Operational Performance"
KPI Institute Webinar More
Online 16 Nov 2016 1pm GMT
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Dynamic modeling in business and Government: workshop and talks:
KPI Institute Conference Dubai More
17 & 18 October 2016
Planning, Financing and Managing Early-Stage Ventures: Keynote presentation
More Latin American System Dynamics Conference (CLADS), Sao Paulo
21 October 2016
Agile System Dynamics: 1-day Workshop
More Sao Paulo
22 October 2016
System Dynamics Business Modeling: Workshop for managers, consultants and students
More EURO2016 Operational Research Society Conference, Poznan, Poland
4 July 2016
Main-Stream System Dynamics for all
More Keynote talk, System Dynamics Society, Delft, Netherlands
19 July 2016
Dynamic modeling and Enterprise Architecture for IS strategic planning: Keynote talks 2015/16.
More Chinese Culture University, Taiwan and Open Group Conference, Edinburgh
System Dynamics - solve issues and build living business models.
Magna lecture to Systems Engineering students and Faculty
More ITESM, Mexico City
April 2016
Engineering the Enterprise and Continual strategy and implementation Keynote talks
More KPI Institute Conference Kuala-Lumpur
June 2016.
Planning and Financing Early-Stage Ventures : Evening seminar
More Field-Fisher New Venture network, London
June 2016
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