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Brand Management

Where would I use the Brand Management Microworld?

This is a self-contained PC application, used by individuals or small teams. It plays out business performance over a time-scale that is long enough to experience the complexity of strategy and decision-making. Teams control strategy by making a small number of key decisions, and can progress through the simulation at their own pace, trying alternatives and saving scenarios.

Site License materials include the user’s guide as well as instructor’s slides and slide notes.

The courses in which it may be useful are:

Strategy Dynamics - the business resource-system, interdependence between firm resources, managing functions in harmony (sales and advertising).

Strategy courses or workshops - basics of resource-based view (RBV): connection between resources and performance.

Systems thinking courses or workshops - resource-building and feedback (reinforcing)

Marketing courses or workshops - basics of developing both customers (through advertising) and channels (through sales force), working with limited marketing budgets.

Screenshot 1
"Just Right" challenge

Screenshot 2
"Greedy" challenge