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LoFare Airlines

Can your team build a successful airline quickly in this intensively competitive industry? Can you achieve the profitable growth and market domination of firms like Ryanair (Europe), Southwest (USA) or Air Asia (Far East) – or will you crash and die like most firms in the industry?

This is a simple, self-contained PC application, for use by small teams – rather different from the complex, large-scale business games that take days to run and place big demands on instructors. The industry setting and business model is familiar to just about everyone, making it easy for any audience to understand and relate to the game.   More...

Key Learning Points
Much has been written about the "positioning" of low-fare airlines, compared with full-service operators &emdash; how low pricing and frequent, reliable flights to many destinations attracts many more customers. But many have tried this strategy, and most failed (48 out of 60 in Europe for example!), so positioning is not enough. The game offers learning about how to implement strategy over time – assessing the business and its market, setting appropriate objectives, then making choices that steer the strategy to deliver those results.

Further learning focuses on how to manage strategy against competitors, and as conditions change over an industry’s lifecycle.   More...

Teams control strategy with a few key decisions, and can run through the game at their own pace, trying alternatives and saving scenarios. Options allow teams to start a new business or pick up an existing airline, take on weaker or stronger competitors, and work with just a simple decision-set or more complex choices.

Four pre-set challenges provide progressive learning, as teams take on simple scenarios first, followed by the tougher challenges of intense rivalry.

Teachers & trainers can access annotated slides, teaching schedules, game instructions, and background information and references. The game makes an excellent addition to any popular case-study on the low-fare airline industry, allowing participants to move from mere class discussion to actually take on some of the strategy challenges this industry presents. There is also a full-scale case-study, available separately, on the European low-fare airline sector, supported by a substantial range of standard strategy frameworks.   More...

Undergraduate and MBA courses in Strategy; Executive classes on strategy implementation; Strategy Dynamics classes and courses, Service Management classes   More...
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The LoFare Airlines Microworld has been selected as a complementary simulation to Contemporary Strategy Analysis by Robert Grant.

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