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Professional Services

Can your teams maintain quality of advice and reputation with demanding clients, and extend the firm’s knowledge-base to grow the wealth to share with colleagues?

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This Microworld shows how staff capacity and experience develop through a hierarchy of high-performing professionals. Managed well, this business can grow and thrive. Managed badly, key professionals and clients will leave, leading to failure.   More...

Key Learning points
Business performance over time (clients, reputation, financial surplus) depends on the resources we have, and resources bring with them a characteristic contribution to the rest of the system.   More...

This is game a self-contained game, played online in a browser, for use by individuals or small teams. It plays out business performance over a time-scale that is long enough to experience the complexity of strategy and decision-making. Teams control strategy by making a small number of key decisions, and can progress through the simulation at their own pace, trying alternatives and saving scenarios.

Includes pre-set challenges and the facility to create your own challenges for your courses. This is a substantial simulation that can also be supported by a popular Harvard case study on world-leading consultancy McKinsey & Co.   More...

General management, strategy, systems thinking, service operations courses or workshops. Also used in legal MBA courses and workshops in professional service firms.   More...