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White Label Restaurants

Can you satisfy both investors' desire for profitable growth and customers' wish for quality meals and service - especially when a rival is after the same market?

The team’s role is as the executive management of a business starting with 10 restaurants and run the chain over 10 years. Decisions control customer experience, profitability, and business growth. 'Head Quarters' rewards success – or punishes failure! This engaging exercise can take just 2-3 hours, or be extended to a number of sessions.   More...

Key Learning points
Business performance over time (sales and earnings) depends on the organisations resources.   More...

Teams make management decisions on pricing, marketing and various categories of spending, and request capital to grow the business. Reports, graphs and tables give extensive information on profitability, customer experience and financial targets. Includes six pre-set challenges and the facility to create additional challenges for your courses. These provide progressive learning, as teams take on contrasting challenges, with varying competitive environments.   More...

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