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Dynamic Business Modeling Course - Introduction

Core frameworks

Extension Frameworks

5: Stock attributes and co-flows
6: Stock-development, pipelines and aging-chains
7: Modeling competition
8: Modeling policies and automating decisions
9: Adding Intangible factors
10: Capabilities and processes
    Course wrap-up


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NEW for 2017

This new course explains and demonstrates how to create working, quantified models of any enterprise, function or issue. The classes match the principles explained in the Strategy Dynamics course, although that course is not a pre-requisite for these modeling classes.

We have made two important advances …

  • We have an efficient and reliable method for developing models, starting from performance outcomes and working back to the underlying system of customers, staff and other resources driving those outcomes. This works for any issue or plan, for any enterprise or department.
  • We have easy-to-use software that allows anyone to build working, quantified models that match and simulate that same system with uncanny realism, and then to play out its performance into the future.
In an article by Paul Barnett, Founder / CEO at Business Hard Talk, Paul notes that "as many as 80% of balanced scorecard initiatives fail to meet expectations" He goes on to say "[Robert] Kaplan explained that Balanced Scorecard was conceived as a tool to help implement a strategy, but does not help create one. It assumes executives have already defined their strategy"....... Paul concludes "I believe Strategy Dynamics can mitigate Balanced Score Card failures."

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This Business Modeling course is supported by a series of Worksheets – one or more for each class. These are provided as Sysdea software models. You will need a Sysdea account to use these models - a voucher for 2 months access is provided when enrolling for this course.

NOTE: These Worksheets are also provided in the Strategy Dynamics (frameworks) course where their use is limited to capturing real-world data - not for creating working models.

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