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mystrategy has been replaced by Sysdea

MyStrategy has new been replaced by a new online modeling software: Sysdea, and has now been withdrawn from sale.

If you have a permanent licence for mystrategy...

Until 31 March 2020 you can continue to get replacement licences when you update your PC. See the mystrategy support page for more information. Licences will no longer be available aftre that date.

Sysdea can help us understand key questions in business performance:

An alternative to spreadsheets, Sysdea™ is a simple software package for mapping and modelling business strategy and performance. Easy to learn and use, it produces a clear diagram of how resources and performance change over time, either for a whole strategy, for a specific function, or for particular initiatives and can help answer such questions as:

  • Why is our performance following its current path?
  • Where is it going if we carry on as we are?
  • How can we design a robust strategy to radically improve this performance into the future?

Key Features of Sysdea

Always run state

Having the model in an "always run" state saves a lot of time because you can see the impact of your changes instantly.

Simple sharing

Models can be shared as a simple link that can be used by anyone - whether they have an account or not. If you elect to share with "Read-write" permissions, if the recipient has a Standard Account they can can also save the model.

Free accounts for teachers

Recognised academics qualify for a free Standard account for Sysdea if they are using it for teaching purposes only.


A subscription costs $15 per month (Plus VAT in EU) or $150 annually.