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Learn How to Build Living Business Models

This is quite simply the easiest, fastest, most reliable method for building living business models to transform performance of any enterprise, function or challenge.

Living Business Models answer three critical questions:

  • Why have we got to here?
  • Where do we fear the future might take us?
  • How do we get much better outcomes?
Core questions - Why, Where, How?
Example: a sales challenge facing a drug product worth millions of dollars to the company in question
Learn the method, skills and tools for building working models to answer these questions for any situation, in any organisation, large or small, at any stage in its life. Quickly identify actionable insights from our agile method to create huge value for your business.

What's new about these models?

People have talked about 'Business Models' for many years, but most popular frameworks are just descriptive - little more than abstract statues. You need models that actually work, doing what the real-world data does, and showing how your plans play out over time. This is what living business models do - they are true simulations of reality.

To be clear - you can't build living business models with a spreadsheet! It simply cannot handle the interdependencies, intangibles and threshold effects that pervade real-world situations. But we now have a powerful, rigorous, fact-based method to get from any performance outcome back to the underlying system driving those results, and the Sysdea® software enables anyone to build models that match that system and mimic its behaviour with uncanny realism.

Is this course for me?

Do you need working, quantified models of your organisation, function or issue that explain its performance, and project likely future outcomes under varying policies?

Do you need models ...

  • to help design the business system so it can perform strongly
  • to win finance and support for your plans
  • to manage the enterprise so it continually performs to its potential - safely!
  • to help fix things when problems arise?

And do you want completely transparent models that show others in familiar language exactly what is happening and why, and where their own efforts impact on the wider system?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'Yes' then this course is for you

What will I learn?

Our core course explains how to create working, quantified models of any enterprise, function or issue, by following our 'agile' modeling process:

  1. Specify how any measure or measures of performance has been changing up to now, and is likely to change in future
  2. Model how those performance outcomes depend on changing resource-levels - customers, staff, capacity, IT and so on
  3. Capture how all those resources grow or decline, depending on how fast they are being won and lost (this is the magic at the heart of a living business model)
  4. Complete the linkages that drive those changes, creating the working model

and you will learn how to use such living business models to explain any performance changes and uprate that performance into the future.

The method simply uses the same principles we have always applied to managing cash to all other business resources - and joins them up!

How will I learn?

For our self-taught course, you can start any time and follow your own schedule, guided by our automated messages. In each class you will:

  • watch screen-show videos explaining key principles and demonstrating the model-building steps
  • …and copy those steps to build the models yourself, using our easy browser-based Sysdea® software*
  • use template models of the most common model structures needed, to save time in your modeling work
  • check out many other example models that illustrate further learning

…and you have permanent access to all these videos and models.

* Two months access to Sysdea® is provided with the course. Thereafter, models remain accessible in read-only form, and your account can be reactivated at any time ($15/month).

Our instructor-led course guides you through this same process, but also offers: a scheduled class time-table, a forum for raising questions and discussions for each class and weekly webinars, suited to East and West time-zones, for additional explanations, examples and Q&A.

You can also gain Certification by submitting assessed work.

How can I use what I learn?

You can use these new skills and tools immediately to tackle short-term challenges and opportunities in any part of your organisation. As you build these completely transparent models, you - and everyone you work with - will be able to see clearly what causes what.

You will be able to build strong, joined-up long-term plans much more quickly and easily than is possible with spreadsheets - whether those plans are for the organisation as a whole or for any function.

… and then you can use the same models to manage those situations continually as events unfold, linking them into existing reporting systems if required.

How much time should I commit?

Working through all the videos, exercises and webinars for every class should only take about 4 hours per class. However, you can reduce this time by focusing on the key items only (which we explain how to do). As all materials remain available to you indefinitely, you can re-visit any classes and models at any time.

Terms and conditions

Certification and CPD

Our course management system records levels of activity on courses - i.e. access to course elements, quiz results and video durations watched. CPD certificate provided will be based on participation evidence.


We offer a limited money-back guarantee. If within a week of signing up for a course with instant access elements you decide that the course is not for you can request a refund. However, if our records show that you have accessed more than 15% of the course materials we reserve the right to make a pro-rata refund, based on the volume of materials accessed. No refund will be available if more than 50% accessed.

Core Skills Course:

7+ hours of lecture-videos
Many working models to keep
Templates to start your own models
2-month licence to the Sysdea® software
7 CPD hours

Take our self-taught option at your own pace:
£ 90 +VAT

Instructor led course:
£ 290 +VAT

"I’ve completed the entire Strategy Dynamics course and started the Business Modeling course. These are fantastic - so great that we are looking to hire people with these skills. Thanks!"
Bob Lamb: Founder & CEO, Foundation for Inclusion
"I want to personally thank you for this great course. It has been the most exciting I have taken. I will definitely do this type of work for my clients at the agency."
Esteban Ribero: VP Strategy - Leo Burnett/Lapiz
"This great course provided just what we need to explore scenarios for competition in the global tax-technology sector, and test our strategies."
Kevin Boettcher: Director, Emerging Business Models & Alliances, Vertex, Inc
"I really enjoyed this class - it has fundamentally changed the way I think about analyzing issues concerning our company’s future. I see the power of the approach and plan to use the technique on issues we are facing."
Mark Holman: Manager, Regional Coordination at PJM Interconnection
"It has been an absolute pleasure taking this course. I will be a strategy dynamics user for life."
Michael Stewart: Lead Systems Engineer, Manager at Battelle
"It is a testament to how well you have laid out the content that we can easily internalize the strategy dynamics concepts. It was quite amazing to see how the model almost had a mind of its own, changing my understanding of our challenge completely."
Stephen Green: Director at Continental Mills
"I have to say that the course really is exceeding my expectation, the material is very powerful, and provides rich and deep concepts."
Ahmad Waleed: Strategy Director, ELM, Saudi Arabia
"I have applied the principles and practices in several business units both at Sun Microsystems, and Microsoft. The resulting performance speaks for itself - everywhere I've introduced this, it remains a key tool in the senior managers' kit."
John Kapson, Managing Consultant, Oracle/Sun Microsystems


New Venture Financing:
CEO Rod Brown explains how his living business model helped test, finance and manage this ambitious new business. Example: Model used to support new venture financing
Power company cash flow and reliability:
Only a living business model could help figure out where this company should focus limited cash to rebuild service reliability, and then manage the program's implementation. Example: Model used to support new venture financing
Launching a new marine technology: MMC Green Technology
Kim Warren explains how this company used a living business model to plan the launch of its environmental protection equipment.
Strategy Dynamics has brought together a very impressive and clear process with great supporting materials.

Sysdea is really user friendly. As I am going through the Business Modeling course I’m building a model for Synergia and as we have two business - one in Australia and one in NZ - the sub-models are great. The example in the instruction video of ‘region1' and 'region 2' fits perfectly.

I’ve always had a problem with web-only software as I am often in situations were web access is difficult - working in hospitals, government departments etc. The problem is not so much building them, but using and exploring them with clients. However, it seems that when they are open everything is stored in cache so I can continue to run the model offline and that may be one way to overcome web access problems. David Rees - Founding partner, Synergia -
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