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Microworlds Support

  • Help! I cannot add the licence code for my microworld?
  • On newer versions of Windows, to add your licence code you must be running the software "As administrator". This applies even if you are logged on with administrative rights. To do this:-

    Having installed the software go to the start menu and find the shortcut for the microworld. RIGHT CLICK on the shortcut and select "Run as administrator". If this option is not visible hold down the SHIFT key at the same time as right clicking and it should now be available.

    Once the code is applied you do not have to run as administrator again, unless updating a code.
  • Where is the link for my software download?
  • Go to the "My Library" link near the top right of the page. When you are logged in you will be able to access links for all the materials you have requested from this site.

    If you have been provided with a Microworld as part of a course you are attending you should have been provided with a download link as part of your course instruction. If not, you can request the free demo version of the software through this site and then use the code you are provided with by your course leader.
  • I have downloaded the software. Now what do I do?
  • Double click on the file you downloaded to install the software. By default all our Microworlds are installed to Program files | Strategy Dynamics and can be accessed from Start | Programs | Strategy Dynamics, where the list of simulations installed should be shown.
  • My computer came up with a warning saying do you want to run this program – is this OK?
  • Yes, this is your operating systems or security software looking after the safety of your machine. All our downloads are checked before they are made available and are free of viruses, malware or adware so it is safe to continue. Click yes and then follow the instructions to complete installation.
  • My computer tells me I need to install the .Net Framework - what is this?
  • This message will appear if the software requires it and it is not installed on your PC. It is an extension to the operating system provided by Microsoft and can be safely installed.
  • Once the wizard has worked how do I start the program?
  • Go to start programs and look for the strategy dynamics folder. You should see your microworld listed. Double click and your microworld should open.
  • The Microworld did not install properly. What should I do?
  • Try un-installing and re-installing. To un-install go to your control panel. Click on programs and features / Add or Remove Programs. Follow the instructions to un-install the microworld program.
  • I get a runtime error when I start the software. What's wrong?
  • It sounds like not all the components required are installed properly. Check you have sufficient rights on your PC to install software: if your PC is supplied by you employer then it is possible that full installation was prevented by company policy. You will need to ask your internal IT department for help.
  • The installation wizard would not run - I get an error message saying it is "not a valid Win32 application". What should I do?
  • It may be that the download did not fully complete: try downloading again to your PC and have another go.
  • How is the demo software limited?
  • Typically the software is limited so that it runs for a very short part of the full period of the game. Demos are intended to show the range of information available and that they work with your hardware. If you need to evaluate in more depth for a course or event you are running we can supply a no obligation short term guest licence and an inspection copy of the documentation - complete our request form here
  • How can I evaluate the software fully for a course or event I am running?
  • We can supply a no obligation short term guest licence and an inspection copy of the documentation - complete our request form here
  • How can I upgrade my demo to a full copy of the software?
  • Single user licences are available from our online store - purchase a licence and follow the instructions provided. There is no need to re-install the software.
  • I bought a licence but I have not received my unlock code yet.
  • If you have not received an unlock code within one working day please contact us.
  • Where can I find training materials and ideas on how to use this microworld with a class?
  • Information about each product and the materials available are on the products pages - use the "Products" drop down menu at the top of pages to locate the item you are interested in.

    If you are registered as a teacher on this site then some additional materials are revealed on the pages when you are logged in - for example sample games or student papers.
  • How are the microworlds licensed?
  • Microworld licences are available as follows:

    Single user licences - for individuals. This licence does not permit use in a training environment.

    Site licences - academic and corporate. Our site licenses work on a "per person" basis, and depends on whether use is for degree level courses (academic) or for executive education /corporate courses in which case our corporate price list applies.

    Licences keys are issued that will unlock the software for the duration of your course.
  • On my screen the resource map for the game is distorted with numbers and graphs offset from the picture.
  • This is due to your PC being setup to display larger fonts. To work round this go to your desktop - right click and select "Properties" from the drop down menu. Select the Settings tab and then the "Advanced" button near the bottom. You should then get a page that shows a DPI setting. If this is not set at "Normal" then change to Normal. Save this setting and go back to the Microworld and try again. Depending on your PC you may need to restart after making the change to the screen setting.
  • When I open the simulation I get a message: Run-time error '13' Type mismatch.
  • This can sometimes happen on PCs that are set to use an East Asian language e.g.Chinese. If you are able to set to English whilst using the Microworld this should solve the problem. Go to your Control Panel and select the "Regional Settings and Language" option. Select English, save the setting and try the Microworld again. Depending on your PC you may need to restart after making the change to the language setting.

    If this does not work try the following:

    1, On the start menu select “run” and type in regedit to the box – this opens the registry editor
    2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Strategy Dynamics. Delete this.
    3. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> Strategy Dynamics. Delete this.
    4. Open the software and try entering the key again. Hopefully this will have sorted out any problems but if not please let us know. Screen shots can be useful in diagnosing problems.
  • I have an assignment to do: can you tell me how to get a good result with the Microworld?
  • No: we do not provide individual advice to students on the simulators. Please refer to your course leader in the first instance. If necessary they can contact us for support.
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