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Strategy Dynamics Essentials

... is for everyone

Strategy Dynamics is a helpful method to use on many problems in business, ecology, healthcare, HR - to name bt a few, but is primarily aimed at...

  • Executives who have some responsibility, either alone or as part of a team, for the performance of a business or not-for-profit organization, or for a functional department.
  • Consultants and analysts wanting to understand and advise organizations on how to improve performance, whether within an organization or from outside.
  • Business students, both at the Bachelors and Masters level.
  • Business teachers, especially those specializing in strategy, but also others teaching topics with a strong link to strategy.

… and for a wide range of problems

No matter how persuasive a method, it will be of no more than passing interest until it is used on real-world problems. Thousands of talented executives and students with management experience have achieved remarkable successes using strategy dynamics in an extraordinary variety of cases – waste-management in Addis Ababa, talent-development in a global engineering firm, industry-development for "intelligent agriculture", life-insurance in Central America. Here are some more examples:

  • example chart: pension companyA pensions and investment company hit by recession planned across-the-board cuts in order to survive. Strategy dynamics showed that more targeted rationalisation not only fixed the immediate crisis, but got business and profitability back onto a strong growth path.
  • example chart: high tech companyA high-tech start-up in the energy conservation industry struggled for two years to develop significant business. Strategy dynamics modelling of its marketing, sales and installation functions led to a month-by-month action plan that kick-started spectacular growth.
  • example chart: pharma company A pharmaceuticals company faced an urgent threat to a major product line that provided most of its vaccine-division profits. A competitor planned to launch a me-too product in April, aiming to take most of the sector's sales by July. Strategy dynamics analysis of the competitor's business enabled the company to disrupt the attack and protect most of its sales.
  • What will you apply strategy dynamics to? If you have an interesting example why not let us know

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This text is also available in Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), in collaboration with the Asia Research Center for Enterprise Architecture and Dynamics, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan.
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