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The Football League Challenge

System Requirements

The game requires the following:
  • A class of 20-60 participants – organised in 10-12 groups of 2-5 people each
  • A room with good space for this number – they will need to move around
  • A microphone for the facilitator may help – it will get noisy!
  • A reasonably-powerful PC running Microsoft Excel 2007 – with macros enabled
  • … linked to a data projector [‘beamer’] to display game results
  • … and a reasonably fast printer [black+white is OK]
Optional extras that help add atmosphere
  • A referees whistle - to get team's attention
  • A selection of team scarves - one per team, worn by the manager


5 minute overview )

Class video: 10 mins - summary

Long class video: 51 mins