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Strategy Dynamics In Action

The Strategy Dynamics in Action packs provide an intensive two-day course in the strategy dynamics approach. The Core concepts can be delivered in one day and the Additional Elements may make up a second day.

The format of the materials is a loose-leaf folder for course leaders with notes associated with each slide and ample room for notes. Slides are provided in PDF format that can either be printed out or used direct on a projector. Participants materials consist of a booklet for each of the 9 modules with copies of the slides and space for their own notes.

Starter packs for each day provide all the information needed to run a one-day course for 10 people. For subsequent events just purchase participant booklets for each delegate.

Strategy Dynamics in Action is available in English, Spanish and German

The modules are made up as follows:

Part 1 Core Concepts

Section 1 - 21 Slides
Introduction - Why Strategy Dynamics?

Section 2 = 10 Slides
Specifying the Strategic Objective

Section 3 = 18 Slides
How Resources Drive Performance

Section 4 = 18 Slides
Building & Sustaining Resources - their 'Critical' Bathtub behaviour

Section 5 = 19 Slides
The Core Strategic Architecture - How Resources Work Together

Part 2 Advanced Topics

Section 6 = 21 Slides
Developing Resources and the Choice Pipeline

Section 7 = 26 Slides
Managing Resource Attributes

Section 8 = 25 Slides
Into Battle! - Rivalry for Resources

Section 9 = 22 Slides
Coping with Soft Factors - Intangible Resources