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Strategy Dynamics In Action


Note: These materials are provided in PDF format and delivered electronically. Please note that teacher documentation will be licensed to your organisation. Participants booklets are licenced for the course on which they are to be used and are not transferable to subsequent courses.

Teachers Pack - £100 + VAT

Complete Teachers notes and PDF slides in PDF format £100 + VAT
To run a course with these materials you will need to purchase participants booklets for each person on your course

Participants booklets £30 + VAT per person

PDF file with print permission is £30 per person for your event. We supply a PDF licenced for your event. Minimum quantity is 8.
All prices exclusive of VAT (EU only) NOTE: The licence for the pack contains a condition that every participant on courses taught with these materials is provided with NEW booklets i.e booklets are not re-usable from course to course.