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Strategy Dynamics In Action

The Strategy Dynamics in Action course is ideal for the experienced trainer who wishes to introduce the Strategy Dynamics approach into their portfolio.

If you are already working at mid-senior level management teams and your participants would benefit from a fresh look at strategy planning then this award winning approach could be just what you are looking for.

Awarded the Jay W Forrester Prize in 2005 for the most important contribution to System Dynamics in the previous 5 years for his book 'Competitive Strategy Dynamics, Kim Warren has developed this course to enable trainers to take this approach to a wider audience.

From a nomination for the Jay W Forrester Award:
"Kim Warren's book is a major piece of work - a unique synthesis of concepts from strategy and system dynamics interpreted through the lens of personal industry experience.... there is a great deal we in system dynamics can contribute to practical strategy-making by helping people think clearly and factually about the dynamics of asset stock accumulation."